Welcome to Stativus!

Stativus is a browser-independent, framework-independent micro-library that provides full statechart functionality to your web application or web page.


  • Hierarchical (composite, nested) states
  • Local & Global Orthogonal (concurrent) states
  • Entry, exit, and transition-action control
  • Shallow/deep history
  • Event deferral
  • Support for asynchronous transitions
  • State-local Storage
  • Runtime Statechart construction

Version: 0.9.0

What Is a Statechart?

A Statechart is a hierarchical finite state machine that is very useful in building and organizing user interfaces...

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An Issue or a Bug?

We are always working to constantly improve Stativus, so please submit any questions, issues or bugs at the github account...

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Where's the Code?

The code is hosted on Github: Watch, Fork, Play!

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